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Our retirement investment team helps you plan for the future.

CDG manages a world-class team under one roof to help you build a solid investment portfolio for your retirement.

California Dentists' Guild:

Your retirement planning manager, overseeing our financial team and protecting your investments.


Matrix Trust Company:

Matrix Trust Company is the custodian for the IRA account. Matrix Trust is a Colorado State chartered non-depository trust company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Matrix Financial Solutions and Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE:BR).  Matrix Trust Company provides administrative, directed custodial and trustee services to 176 institutional customers and over 85,000 employee benefit plans and individual custodial customers.

iraLogix, LLC:

iraLogix provides all of the all of the IRA record keeping and account servicing for the California Dentists’ Guild IRA program. iraLogix brings innovation, advanced technology and IRA expertise to help clients better manage their IRA accounts.

ABD Retirement Services:

ABD is one of the top retirement plan advisors in the Bay Area focused on providing unbiased guidance on investment selection and monitoring for qualified plans and institutional IRAs. ABD’s approach to creating an investment menu for plans and IRAs emphasizes the optimal way to present the options to encourage investors to focus on factors that have the most impact on long-term investment success – asset allocation and risk management. To that end, ABD strives to present an investment menu that simplifies decision making and minimizes redundancy. ABD’s investment menu and CDG platform’s robust asset allocation tools are a powerful combination to help you create and manage your retirement portfolio for the long-term.

ABD Retirement Services acts as a Fiduciary Investment Advisor to the CDG Board and is responsible for the selection and oversight of the investment options offered in CDG qualified plans and IRAs. ABD acts as a 3(38) Fiduciary for the investments offered in qualified plans which reduces fiduciary responsibility and liability for individual employers.

Retirement Administration, Inc:

Experienced third party administrator
Retirement Administration, Inc: Our Third Party Administrator specializes in the design and implementation of our 401(k) and pension plans.

We have aligned ourselves with Retirement Administration, Inc.

Retirement Administration, Inc. specializes in the design and implementation of qualified pension and profit sharing plans for business and professional organizations. We work with Retirement Administration, Inc. to implement the benefit plans for all our members and to perform federally mandated compliance tests. This ensures that your plan is compliant and operates toward a profitable growth.

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We vet each of our financial partners to ensure best-in-class solutions.

And our independent structure means the team operates in your best interests, with no hidden agenda.

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