Don’t take our word for what it is like to work with the California Dentists’ Guild as you plan for retirement. Take a look at what a few of our members have to say:

I saw firsthand how well the CDG performed for my parents

As a second generation member of the California Dentists’ Guild (CDG), I saw firsthand how well the CDG performed for my parents and their retirement accounts. Thanks to their collaboration with CDG, they enjoyed a full, wonderful — and comfortable — retirement.


Because of their experience, I didn’t hesitate to join CDG when I became a dentist. I have the utmost confidence in CDG’s management of my investments and the customer service they offer. 


Like most dentists, I have a busy practice and family life. I appreciate CDG’s personal care and prompt attention when I have questions or need advice. These qualities and their comprehensive assortment of services make retirement planning that much easier for me and my staff to manage.

Lisa J. Dobak, DDS

Sacramento, CA

What is there not to like about the California Dentists’ Guild (CDG)?

  • They provide responsive, informed, and personalized service and investment advice for me and my staff.
  • They offer a high-quality and diversified selection of mutual funds and investment vehicles.

  • We love the advantaged pricing we receive because we are investing as a group with other dentists in California. These savings add up. 

Finally, because CDG is an organization run by fellow California dentists, the staff understands our business and the challenges we confront day-to-day. I am confident when it is time to retire, my staff and I will be in a better position thanks to the efforts of CDG.

Brian Fong, DMD

Elk Grove, CA

With CDG My Retirement is in Good Hands

As I ran my practice, handled staff and patient matters, and tended to other day-to-day challenges, I found retirement issues often taking a back seat. That did not serve me or my staff well. Thankfully, one of my colleagues referred me to the California Dentists’ Guild.

The CDG staff worked with me and my staff to get a handle on our needs and then prepared an approach designed to meet them. Today, with CDG handling our retirement plans, we are able to concentrate on what we do best — caring for the dental health of our patients and growing our practice.

Another important CDG benefit: we enjoy pricing advantages because we invest as a group alongside other dentists. When we do have questions or need to make a change, CDG gets back to us right away and makes it easy. Their solutions are tailored to our needs and they also help with record-keeping — a big plus at tax time.

If you are a dentist currently in practice or a retired one, take a look at CDG. I think you’ll like what you see.

Ellen Pacleb, DDS

Albany, CA

With CDG, I can concentrate on what matters most — my patients

As a dentist, I am dedicated to providing outstanding dental care for my patients. 
That’s also why I work with the California Dentists’ Guild (CDG) on retirement and financial planning matters. They are as committed to providing a worry-free retirement for me and my staff as I am to providing excellent dental care. 
The team at CDG are responsive, respectful of my time, and offer solutions that make sense for me, my family, and the employees of my practice. Knowing CDG has retirement “handled” means I can devote more time to the things I am good at and enjoy — like taking care of my patients. 
Also important, CDG offers a diverse, high-quality assortment of mutual funds and other investment vehicles, and — because they act as a fiduciary — serve in our best interest. Also, because we invest as a group, we receive better pricing and have access to institutional funds that aren’t available to retail investors. 
I’m thrilled to be a member of CDG and urge dentists throughout California to take a look at what they have to offer. It’s special — and more importantly, they deliver.  

Sadie Mestman

Beverly Hills, CA

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