Retirement Plan Options

CDG offers several retirement investment  plan and fund options for new practices, established practices and retired dentists.

Before you can determine what types of funds are right for your future, you must first select a plan.

401(k) Customized

This 401(k) offers greater flexibility and allows you to customize a plan for you and your employees. A popular type of 401(k) is known as a Safe Harbor 401(k). You have options such as employer match or profit sharing, and many more.

Profit Sharing

This is the most flexible of all retirement plans. You choose the amount you want to contribute from year to year, under certain IRS limits. And you don’t need to make a profit to contribute.


This plan takes into consideration both the age and compensation level of your employees. This usually benefits older owners or employees, who accumulate more benefits per year.

Simple 401(k)

This plan is for dentists with a staff of 100 or fewer employees and is a subset of the popular 401(k) plan. Participants can voluntarily contribute a portion of their salary on a pretax basis.

New Comparability Profit Sharing

Under this type of plan, and usually a cross-tested plan, participants are divided into two or more groups. Each group receives its own level of employer contributions.

Defined Benefit

This plan works well if you want to contribute, and deduct, more than other types of plans. Although this plan is complex to administer with actuarial services at an additional charge, it could produce significant benefits in a relatively short period of time.

IRA Programs

With our online account set up, you can create an IRA account in minutes, and know that online advice is available on all accounts at no cost to you.

IRA Rollover

You could potentially see higher returns if you roll your IRA into our CDG platform. We’ll help you avoid common mistakes and unnecessary taxes and penalties.

When a Qualified Plan is no longer necessary, you could save money with an IRA.

IRA Traditional

This traditional plan is a personal savings plan with tax advantages. Contributions you make may be fully, or partially, deductible.

Roth IRA

Contributions to this account are not tax deductible. But it offers a future tax break; tax-free income when you retire.


A simplified employee pension plan allows you to contribute a percentage to each participant per year. Employee becomes eligible to participate after 3 years of employment. All participants are 100% vested.