Our Plans

You have a practice to run. We get it.

Let us help prepare a retirement solution customized to meet your needs.

Cost Efficient

Our fund options are offered with institutional pricing (cheaper than retail) without account minimums or trading costs.

On Your Side of the Table

We are a not-for-profit. We work for our dentists and will help you select a plan and service model that meets your needs.

Information At Your Fingertips

Our app and web-based dashboard provide easy to use analytic tools and real-time plan information for our dentists and their employees.

We handle the paperwork.

Our platform takes care of your administrative and fiduciary responsibilities.

Member Communications

We’ll handle employee notifications and educational communications.
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Our team keeps an eye on plan performance and fees, and makes changes as needed.

Purchasing Power

We maintain individual accounts for our members, and pool their investments to gain better pricing.

World-Class Investments

We use institutional shares of leading mutual fund families, which are not available to retail investors.

Advisor Referrals

Financial management is personal and can be complicated. We can refer you to professional financial advisors who can help.

Questions? Contact us for a no-obligation analysis.