Lowell B. Davis, DDS, MS

I was initially invited to join CDG as an investor. At the time I thoroughly evaluated CDG’s investment programs while keeping my personal objectives as a priority for portfolio investment growth.

I learned that CDG was moving to a new open platform that allowed more investment flexibility and participation. Overall costs would be lower and professional account managers would have more oversight with investment options. I was excited about this new direction and realized that I would have more discretion over my portfolio during my professional career.

I was interested in staying in the market long term and felt very comfortable with other dentists in my network who had the same investment focus. I wanted these dentists to know more about CDG and was, in fact, doing my own marketing to help promote the Guild. Hence, I was invited to join the Board of Directors to help with new ideas and energy, as well as bringing business experience from other areas outside of dentistry.

CDG board member since 2010 and currently practicing in Oakland and Livermore, California.

Education: San Fernando Valley State University 1968; Loyola School of Dentistry 1974, DDS; Loyola School of Dentistry Graduate Program Periodontics, Certificate of Specialty and MS Oral Biology, 1974

Affiliated Dental Society & Associations: Alameda County Dental Society; California Dental Association; American Dental Association; American Academy of Periodontology

Hobbies & Interests: Research and development of new formulated prophy paste, stamp collecting, travel, grape growing and vineyard development.