Your Retirement Investment Team

Our retirement investment team helps you plan for the future.

CDG manages a world-class team under one roof to help you build a solid investment portfolio for your retirement.

California Dentists' Guild:

Your retirment planning manager, overseeing our fianncial team and protecting your investments.


National Recordkeeper & Consulting Firm
Milliman: Our nationally recognized recordkeeper supports our Retirement Plan Platform and provides online investment tools for you and your staff.

Milliman offers our Guild a full spectrum of recordkeeping, administration and consulting services. They maintain an account for each plan and each of our members, providing you with 24/7 online access to your investments and transactions.

More importantly, we chose Milliman as our recordkeeper because they are committed to being an independent organization. Their goal is our goal: to provide the best service to clients and members free from a corporate agenda.

TD Ameritrade Trust Company:

Leading US brokerage firm
TD Ameritrade Trust Company: We chose our Independent Custodian Bank to safeguard your retirement investments by holding them in trust.

A custodian bank is a critical component to retirement investment organizations like our Guild and is responsible for the safekeeping of your retirement portfolio.

TD Ameritrade’s relationship and professional reputation with numerous Mutual Fund Families—coupled with our collective portfolio of $100 million—allows us access to a class of institutional funds that are usually not available to the retail consumer.

Heffernan Financial Services:

Top Bay Area Wealth Advisor
Heffernan Financial Services: We partnered with our Fiduciary Investment Advisor to monitor your investments and maintain your portfolio.

Heffernan works with us to build our yearly Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that guides our long-term goals. The IPS allows you to clearly establish your retirement future and your tolerance for risk—and helps you avoid quick decisions based on short-term market conditions.

We picked Heffernan because they rank among the top retirement plan advisory firms in the country. Their motto is “independent thinking” and they are committed to helping us grow based on their disciplined retirement planning processes.

Pension Benefits Consultants:

Experienced third party administrator
Pension Benefit Consultants: Our Third Party Administrator specializes in the design and implementation of our 401(k) and pension plans.

We have aligned ourselves with Pension Benefit Consultants (PBC) in Oakland, Ca.

PBC specializes in the design and implementation of qualified pension and profit sharing plans for business and professional organizations. We work with PBC to implement the benefit plans for all our members and to perform federally mandated compliance tests. This ensures that your plan is compliant and operates toward a profitable growth.

Fully Invested

We vet each of our financial partners to ensure best-in-class solutions.

And our independent structure means the team operates in your best interests, with no hidden agenda.

Call us. We’ll answer your questions and provide a complementary financial analysis based on your needs.

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