A Letter from Our CEO

Dear Visitors and Members,

The California Dentists’ Guild exists because we offer dentists the highest level of service, best investments, third party administration and personal service at minimal cost, using our economies of scale as a $100 million dollar company.

Our mission of “founded by dentists and managed by professionals” has stayed resolute since 1966, and we continue to operate our not-for-profit platform for dentists only.

The Guild and our financial service providers have developed a very specialized platform to address the changing marketplace of retirement investments and plans — while keeping in mind expenses and ease of administration for you, the plan sponsor.

When we designed the platform, it had to make sense both fiscally and operationally. We kept in mind the overall expenses while ensuring our plans were efficient and encompassed your needs.

We believe we have accomplished our goal but we are forever improving our model. We are able to react quickly to marketplace demands and keep our eyes on the future of retirement planning.

Look for frequent updates and financial reports throughout the year on our website, or in the mail, as we keep up to date with the ever-changing marketplace of retirement investments. And feel free to send us your comments and suggestions on how we may improve our services.

Plus, every year we offer the opportunity to interact with our financial team during the CDG Annual Meeting. Topics include investment trends and new developments in the stock and bond markets. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a novice, these meetings have something for you.

I’d also like to point out our online Model Portfolio Investment Survey that helps you determine what type of investor you may be. We trust it will help you determine what investment path to take.

My team and I are here to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call.

Elizabeth Clark, AIF
Chief Executive Officer

Toll Free: (800) 851-0008
Southern California: (310) 912-2848
Northern California: (916) 614-9055

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